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Job Vacancies: register your CV online

Companies are looking for employees to fill job openings. We created a guide for you on how register your CV in these companies that have open job vacancies, for you to participate in the selection process for job openings. Check if there is space available in your region.



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Several companies around the world, representing a wide range of sectors such as technology, finance, healthcare, education, retail, and others, are actively hiring through LinkedIn.

These job opportunities cover all hierarchical levels, from internships and trainees to senior management and executive positions. Available positions include remote, full-time, and part-time work options, and many companies offer attractive benefits, such as health plans, paid vacations, and flexible scheduling.

For professionals looking for a job, LinkedIn is an essential tool for finding opportunities in the area of interest. The platform offers a variety of features, allowing users to follow specific companies and receive notifications about new openings, as well as job recommendations based on their profiles and work history.

If you're looking for a job, LinkedIn is a great place to start. With over 1,500 companies actively hiring, there is a wide range of opportunities available across the world. Make sure to keep your profile updated and pay attention to notifications of new vacancies. With determination and a solid search strategy, you can find the position you want and boost your career.

Send your CV to Vacancies

It was recently revealed by LinkedIn, the world's largest professional social networking platform, that more than 1,500 companies are currently actively recruiting through this platform.

As the job market recovers after the impacts of the pandemic, organizations are looking for highly qualified professionals to fill positions in different sectors. LinkedIn has established itself as a leading source of talent, providing access to more than 740 million professionals across the globe.

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