Credicard zero platinum : Exclusive advantages and how to apply


The credicard zero platinum is Credicard's credit card for those who want a card with no annual fee and that can help you control your accounts. With all the facilities, it will help you at all times when buying and carrying out your transactions. Check out!


Our Card Rating 

Credicard Zero platinum is a card for anyone who wants access to national and international purchases without paying any fee for it. In addition, you have broad coverage and are guaranteed full access to spending control.


Pros of Credicard zero platinum

If you want a reliable card that brings benefits to you, the card has several advantages. Check out the main features of this credit card:

  • Card without annuity.
  • Zero fee card.
  • National and International Card, guaranteeing purchases in the largest stores in the world
  • Card accepted in thousands of establishments. 


If you search, you will find very few cons about this card. This is because it is an excellent option on the market for everyone who wants to have a good card. So, thinking about Credicard zero is thinking about a card that will meet your expectations.

Main information about Credicard zero platinum

The Credicard zero platinum credit card is Itaú's initiative to compete with the main cards in the market. Therefore, it brings thousands of advantages to the customer, being part of Banco Itaú. It is not necessary to have a bank account to have the card, facilitating the acquisition of the card.

Exclusive benefits of Credicard zero platinum

The card brings as main benefits 

  • The fact that it is an international card; 
  • Minimum limit of one thousand reais, which is high compared to other cards; 
  • You have a card that is accepted in thousands of establishments around the world, which helps when buying without difficulties. 

So it's a great card.

Exclusive advantages Credicard zero platinum

The unique advantages are: 

  • The fact that you have no annuity; 
  • No need for a bank account; 
  • If you go over the limit, you have a debt negotiation and even pre-approval of a new limit.


You don't have annuity or fees and that's a big advantage. However, if you delay the invoice, you will pay the revolving interest. Currently, the interest is around 14%. So, it's good to pay attention to the expiration date to avoid having to pay any extra fees.

flag benefits

The card brand is Mastercard. This international flag is accepted in thousands of establishments, making your purchase much simpler and more practical. That way, you won't have a problem accepting the flag anywhere.

Customer satisfaction and service

According to customer satisfaction surveys and websites, the company is reliable, having approval and more than 80% from customers. Requests are usually responded to and customers resolve their issues. The service can happen in several ways, such as the application, telephone and physical branches of Banco Itaú. 


The application is very intuitive, running on Android and IOS systems. You must access the virtual store from your smartphone and download the application directly from the card. Thus, you can control all accounts and see all purchases made from it, which gives you complete control. So just install and keep monitoring everything you do.

app note

According to customer reviews on the virtual store, the application receives a score of 4.4 out of 5.0. The ratings take into account users' satisfaction with the app's interface, stability, and functionality on their phones. The company is well qualified, always receiving praise.

Service Channels

The service channels are:

  • Application, through messages and chat;
  • Telephones available on the page and in the application;
  • Email;

There is no information on attendance at Itaú's physical branch.

For all of them, the company gets in touch trying to solve the problem in the best possible way. 

Is it worth opening an Itaú account?

Although not mandatory, having an Itaú account can make it easier to get the card. However, there will be no difference between having or not having an account at the bank that takes care of the card.

How to apply for Credicard zero platinum

Access the Credicard zero page, register and fill in the requested information. Then wait for approval. You can also try to do it through the app. Usually the answer comes out quickly, in less than ten days. When approved, it will give you the card and also indicate the limit released for you to use. In other words, everything is very simple and efficient. 

Click here to access the official website and request your card.