Free courses at SEBRAE: find out how to enroll in a course


SEBRAE (Micro and Small Business Support Service) offers free courses for entrepreneurs interested in improving the performance of their companies. These courses are available in different areas, ranging from finance and marketing to management and innovation.

Which courses can you enroll in at SEBRAE?

Professional training is one of the best ways to enhance career development and ensure business success. At SEBRAE, there are several courses available for those who want to improve their qualifications and improve their skills.


SEBRAE is an institution that offers free courses for entrepreneurs and professionals who want to qualify. The institution has been operating in Brazil for over 20 years and aims to promote the country's economic and social development.

Some of the courses offered by SEBRAE are: Entrepreneurship, Business Management, Strategic Planning, Leadership, Marketing, Finance, Information Technology, Design, Logistics and Communication.


The technical courses offered by SEBRAE are designed to prepare students for the challenges they will face in their work environment.

The technical courses offered by SEBRAE allow students to acquire knowledge and skills that are directly applicable in their work environment.


Technical courses are designed to teach students about the basics of business management, marketing, sales, accounting, finance, human resources and all other areas related to business management.

Technical courses also offer students the opportunity to develop practical knowledge that they can apply directly in their work environment. Students will also have the chance to acquire specific skills that can help drive the success of their company.

What are the classes like in the courses that SEBRAE offers?

The classes offered by SEBRAE cover various topics, such as business, marketing, finance, human resources, management, among others. The content is presented in a dynamic and practical way, with activities that allow students to apply the information acquired in a practical way.

The courses also offer individualized support to students, so that they can resolve their doubts more quickly and efficiently. In addition, SEBRAE also offers workshops, lectures and seminars that enable the knowledge acquired during classes to be deepened.

The classes offered by SEBRAE are dynamic, interactive and contribute to the training of students. All content is presented clearly and objectively, so that it is easy to understand. In addition, the courses have individualized monitoring, so that students can resolve their doubts more quickly and efficiently.

What are the requirements to take a course at SEBRAE?

There are some requirements that you must meet before taking a course at SEBRAE. These include:

  1. Have a company or micro-company: To take a course at SEBRAE, you must have a company or micro-company. This means that you must have an active CNPJ and a tax address.
  2. Have a legal representative: Additionally, you need to have a legal representative – usually the business owner – to register for the course.
  3. Have an active CNPJ: A CNPJ (National Register of Legal Entities) is necessary to take any course at SEBRAE.
  4. Have a bank account: A bank account is necessary to make payments to SEBRAE's partner financial institutions.
  5. Have a registration on the SEBRAE platform: To take a course at SEBRAE, you need to have a registration on the SEBRAE platform.

How do I enroll in a SEBRAE course?

To enroll in a SEBRAE course, you must access the official site of the institution and choose the area of interest. Once you have chosen the area, you will have access to the list of available courses. For example, if you are interested in innovation, you can choose between courses such as “Innovation Management and Entrepreneurship”, “Creativity and Innovation”, among others.

After choosing the course, you need to fill out the registration form with personal information such as name, address, telephone number, email, etc. In addition, you must inform your professional experience in the chosen field.

You must then wait for your application to be approved. If approved, SEBRAE will send an email confirming the start of the course.