Free courses at SENAI: find out how to enroll in a course


The National Industrial Learning Service (SENAI) offers several free courses to improve students' knowledge. These courses are aimed at learning techniques in different areas, such as IT, mechanics, electronics, metallurgy, among others.

What courses can I enroll in at SENAI?

SENAI's free courses are aimed at students who want to improve their knowledge, but do not have the resources to pay for private courses. These courses are divided into levels, from beginners to advanced.


SENAI courses are divided into three large groups: technical, qualification and professional development. The technical courses are short-term and aim to qualify professionals for the job market.

Qualification courses are aimed at people who want to specialize in a certain area and professional development courses are aimed at professionals who already have experience in a certain area.

What are the benefits of those who take a technical course at SENAI?

Anyone who chooses to take a technical course through SENAI has several benefits, including:


  1. Professional qualification: When taking a technical course through SENAI, the student acquires specific knowledge that helps them develop the skills necessary to work in the chosen area. Furthermore, the technical course allows the student to obtain professional qualification certifications, which can open doors to the job market.
  2. Practice experience: SENAI offers students the opportunity to gain practical experience with the activities they will learn during the course, as it has modern laboratories and equipment so that students can develop the necessary skills.
  3. Insertion into the job market: At the end of a technical course, students have the opportunity to enter the job market, as SENAI has partnerships with companies that offer employment opportunities for their students.

Classes in SENAI's technical courses are developed in a dynamic and innovative way, so that students acquire knowledge and practical skills. Classes are taught in modern classrooms, equipped with cutting-edge technology and interactive learning content.


SENAI teachers are highly qualified professionals, who have extensive experience in the field. Furthermore, they are also trained to develop innovative and motivating methodologies with the aim of helping students develop their skills efficiently.

What are the requirements to take a course at SENAI?

SENAI offers short-term and postgraduate courses, so that students can develop technical and administrative skills.

To take a course at SENAI, you must meet some requirements. These requirements are:

• Be at least 16 years old;

• Present identification document with photo, issued by an official body;

• Present proof of education or high school completion certificate;

• Present proof of address;

• Present proof of income;

• Take a selection test, which can be carried out in person or online.

Furthermore, it is important to highlight that SENAI courses are free and are financed by the Federal Government. This means that the student does not need to pay anything to take the course, but the above requirements must be met.

SENAI courses are very important for anyone who wants to qualify to enter the job market. Additionally, they can help students develop important career skills and abilities.

How do I enroll in a SENAI course?

To enroll in a free SENAI course, the interested party must go to one of the physical or online teaching centers and fill out the registration form. In addition, you must present personal documents, such as ID, CPF, proof of address, among others.

After registration, the student will receive a certificate of course completion, which will serve as proof of the skills acquired. However, it is important to remember that certificates are only issued to those who successfully complete the courses. But you can also check everything on the website, just click HERE