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Ambev, one of the largest beverage companies in the world, offers a wide range of Employment Opportunities in different areas. If you are looking for an exciting career in a renowned company, Ambev may be an ideal choice. In this article, we will explore the jobs available at Ambev, we will highlight the most hired positions and provide information on how to apply for a job at the company.

Job Vacancies at Ambev:

Ambev has a variety of jobs in several sectors, from the production and distribution of beverages to corporate areas. The company seeks talented and committed professionals who want to grow in a challenging and innovative environment. Some areas with vacancies available at Ambev include:

  1. Production and Operations: Ambev is looking for professionals to work in its manufacturing units, performing functions related to production, logistics, quality and maintenance. There are opportunities for machine operators, technicians in brewing processes, production engineers, among others.
  2. Sales and Trade Marketing: In the commercial area, Ambev offers vacancies for sales representatives, merchandising supervisors, trade marketing analysts and sales managers. These professionals are responsible for promoting the company's products, establishing commercial partnerships and boosting sales volume.
  3. Marketing and Communication: Ambev seeks marketing, advertising and communication professionals to develop marketing strategies, manage brands, conduct market research and create impactful advertising campaigns.
  4. Finance and Controllership: The company hires professionals to work in financial areas, such as accounting, controlling, financial planning and treasury. These professionals play a key role in the financial management of the company.

Most Hired Positions at Ambev:

Some positions are especially sought after at Ambev due to their strategic importance to the company. These positions play key roles in the beverage industry and are critical to Ambev's success. Below are some of the most popular positions:

  1. Brewery Technician: This professional is responsible for monitoring the entire production process of beers and other beverages, from ingredient selection to quality control. The brewery technician works together with the production team to ensure product excellence.
  2. Sales manager: In charge of leading sales teams, setting goals, developing commercial strategies and managing relationships with key customers. The sales supervisor is responsible for driving sales growth and expanding Ambev's presence in the market.
  3. ATrade Marketing Analyst: This professional is responsible for developing strategies and actions to boost the visibility and sale of Ambev products at points of sale. The trade marketing analyst performs market analysis, monitors product performance and develops execution plans for the sales team.
  4. Logistics Manager: In charge of coordinating the company's logistics operations, the logistics manager is responsible for planning, transport, storage and distribution of Ambev's products. He works closely with other areas to ensure the efficiency and quality of logistics processes.

How to Register for a Vacancy at Ambev:

To register for a vacancy at Ambev, follow the steps below:

  1. Access the Ambev official website: Visit the official Ambev website and look for the “Work with us” or “Careers” section. There you will find information about available positions and the application process.
  2. Explore opportunities: Review available jobs and select those that match your profile and interest. Carefully read the job requirements and responsibilities to make sure you fit the desired profile.
  3. Submit your resume: Prepare an up-to-date, tailored resume for the desired position. Highlight your relevant experience, skills and academic background. Send your resume through the form or online application system available on the Ambev website.
  4. Participate in the selection process: After submitting your application, wait for Ambev's recruitment team to contact you. Depending on the vacancy, the selection process may involve interviews, online tests, group dynamics and technical assessments.

It is important to emphasize that Ambev values diversity and seeks candidates with different backgrounds and experiences. Be prepared to demonstrate your skills and competencies during the selection process. In addition, the company invests in the development of its employees, offering training programs and career growth opportunities.


Ambev offers several Employment Opportunities in different areas, from production and sales to marketing and finance. The most hired positions in the company reflect Ambev's strategic importance in the beverage sector. To register for a job at Ambev, visit the official website, explore the opportunities, send your resume and participate in the selection process. Ambev offers a dynamic and challenging environment, with opportunities for growth and professional development. Be prepared to take on the challenges of the beverage industry and demonstrate your commitment and enthusiasm to stand out as a candidate.