Technical and Higher Vocational Courses for Low Income - How to apply


Is your dream to stand out in the job market? Give your family a better quality of life, and have your work valued with a good salary? Nobody deserves to live a mediocre life where you just work and can't achieve anything, you don't have time to enjoy with your family or even less to go on a nice trip.

Technical and higher courses
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Why go to college?

College has many advantages, from access to a quality education to the opportunity to meet different people and make friends. Additionally, college can help you prepare for the job market by providing you with valuable knowledge and skills.


Advantages of taking a technical or higher course

College is a great opportunity for anyone looking to pursue a successful career. It offers several benefits, such as:

  • Differentiation: college differentiates professionals in the job market, making them more competitive.
  • Opportunities: college opens many doors, offering many opportunities for professional growth.
  • Salary increase: College increases the chances of getting a good job and, consequently, a higher salary.
  • Fulfilling dreams: college is the first step towards achieving your professional dreams.

Easy to Perform

The course offers several teaching modalities, such as face-to-face, distance and blended, which allow students to study according to their pace and availability.

Main information about the courses available for low income

Vocational courses for low-income people are an initiative by institutions to insert people who cannot afford high costs in a professional education school. That's why it brings you several advantages, everyone who wants to study can be taking courses in person or online.

Exclusive course benefits

The completion of the course brings as main benefits 

  • A higher or technical education diploma.
  • Access to exclusive job vacancies. 
  • You have the support of the institution in entering the market.

Therefore, it is a great opportunity.

Exclusive benefits of the educational institution

The unique advantages are: 

  • Professional qualification: the college offers a complete and up-to-date curriculum, which provides a solid base for the job market. 
  • Networking: college is an environment rich in contacts, where it is possible to make new friends and meet professionals from different areas. 
  • Personal development: college also provides the development of personal skills, such as organization, discipline and responsibility.

Course prices

You have access to several vacancies available for free for different courses, but if you don't get a free vacancy 100% it's still worth starting your course, as there are many scholarships offered to people who don't have the conditions, which reduces the value for less than half.

Benefits of the courses

Upon completing the course, you receive a certificate from the largest institutions in Brazil, valid by MEC. In addition to having access to vacancy recommendations from companies that are partners with the institutions, you also earn exchange scholarships for standing out in your performance during the courses.

Satisfaction of those who took the courses

According to customer satisfaction surveys and websites, the educational institution is reliable, having approval and more than 90% from customers. Most praised the quality of teaching and the ease of learning.

Study modalities

Courses can be taken in several different modalities, according to which gives you more stability. For those of you who have time, you can opt for the most common option, which is going to attend classes in person, but if you don't have time because you work a lot, you can opt for 100% EAD teaching.

How does the EAD course work?

In the EAD course, you have the flexibility to take classes when you have time, carrying out activities through a student portal and also taking semester tests completely online.

Is it worth taking a technical or higher course in 2022 in Brazil?

Although professional training is often criticized in Brazil for not having the structure to hire all professionals, it is worth doing your training today in a professionalizing technical course. If things are already bad without professional training, it's even worse if you don't have any differential skills for the job market.

How to apply for free courses in 2022?

Access the Senar page, register and fill in the requested information. Then look for the courses you are interested in and see if enrollment is open, once enrollment is open you are just enrolling in the course. In other words, everything is very simple and efficient.