Job vacancies in wholesale: learn how to register your resume


Atacadão is always looking for new talent! If you are looking for a job opportunity, learn here how to register your resume on Atacadão and follow all available vacancies.

What jobs can you register for at wholesale?

Atacadão is a wholesale supermarket chain that offers low prices on hygiene, food and cleaning products. The network is present throughout Brazil, with more than 300 stores, and offers its customers the possibility of buying quality products at affordable prices.


For anyone looking for a job opportunity, Atacadão is a great option! The network offers vacancies for several areas, such as administration, marketing, finance, logistics, HR, retail and much more.

Atacadão values diversity and believes that all talents should be explored. So, no matter what your background or experience is, if you identify with their proposal and want to work, you will be welcome!

What are the benefits of working at Atacadão?

Before applying for a job vacancy, it is very important to first analyze what benefits that company can offer you, to decide if it is the best job option to obtain a good professional career.

Atacadão offers its employees several benefits, such as a health plan, life insurance, transportation vouchers and food vouchers. In addition, the company also offers discounts on products and services.


In addition, Atacadão employees have access to training and professional development courses, so that they can improve their skills and qualify even more for the job market.

What is it like to work in a market?

The benefits of working in a marketplace are numerous. In addition to providing a safe and stable workplace, marketplaces offer your employees the opportunity to grow and develop professionally.

Marketplaces also tend to have a friendlier, more collaborative work environment than other types of businesses. Other benefits of working in a market include access to fresh produce and the opportunity to work in a dynamic and vibrant environment.

What is the salary of those who work at Atacadão?

Atacadão employees are remunerated according to their position and experience. The starting salaries are compatible with the market, and there is the possibility of increases and bonuses according to performance. However, the average salary is usually between R$ 1,500 and R$ 2,500.

How to enter Atacadão

To apply for a job vacancy in Atacadão, just access the network website and register the resume.